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So, I guess a friend of mine is coming up on hard times. His car just got repo'ed and he's pretty much going to have to move back to my hometown. Just to get it out of the way, my hometown is located near the largest non-training Marine Corps base in the world, and the economy reflects this. There's no factories or any real good paying jobs, just stuff like fast food, Wal-Mart, entertainment-type stuff. Many folks like me joined the military to get out of that place, because we got tired of low paying jobs and working hard hours.

Plus, there's really not a lot to do there.

So a lot of us moved away, for whatever reason, and don't really want to go back unless it's to visit. My point is that my friend posts on FB that his life is going down the crapper and he has to move back to J-ville and people...start cheering. (Paraphrasing ahead)

"Yay! You're coming back! You left us all here and we miss you!"

Haha, sucker punch to the solar plexis, anyone?

Naturally, he wasn't pleased by all the cheering at his misfortune. When he voices it, they start backpedaling. "Oh, I know what you're going through, but you need to be around family and friends who love you. We've missed you a lot and you just up and left." "Yeah, I'm going through the same thing too. So what if you're leaving the friends and connections you made there behind? We've known you longer!" (No, I swear to all that's unholy someone said something pretty much akin to this)

No one cares. It's not about you, bitch. Let's use this for an example: A man's wife just died and you're at the funeral. Instead of offering your condolences, you instead clap him on the back and with a huge grin on your face say,

"Hey, now you're single! Man, your ass got boring with the ball and chain around. Now we can go clubbing like we used to!"

No amount of "But my girlfriend/wife/baby mama died too! I've been there, okay?" is going to make you look like less of an insensitive asshole. Sorry.

That's all I gotta say for that.


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