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Received the Bound by Blood art. It’s gorgeous. PhoenixLu’s artwork is nothing short of stunning. I can’t really show you guys until the publisher’s cover artist finishes with it, but the minute I do you’ll all know.

I also got Holly’s commission present in, although it didn’t make it for X-mas like I had hoped. Still, she loved it, and that’s really all that matters. Another two commissions I ordered are almost done, and they’re looking fantastic.

And now I have to get back on my edits. Today was very busy, so I’m a bit behind.

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Day 9.  Who does your character trust?

Rioran: Without question, he trusts his brother,
Viron, and his sister, Arlillia. It doesn’t mean he’s good at being open
about his feelings, however.

Liari: Trust is very difficult for Liari, because
she comes from a race that frowns upon such weaknesses. Still, she
trusts Rioran, Kien(her cousin), and one other I won’t name.

Commission Pics under cut )

Call on Me

May. 19th, 2011 07:57 am
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Is now available for pre-order. Gotta love Silver, they really work hard for their authors. They're even talking about doing a separate branch for YA. That makes me happy.

Oh! Got some sketch commissions! The main characters of Spellsong. Done by the awesome L.3.O on DA.
+2 )

Going back to bed, because my head is fucked right now. Will work on writing stuffs upon awakening.

PS: Been playing Mass Effect 2. Being an engineer is fun. I'm totes gonna mack on Garrus too. Mmm, human/alien lovin...


May. 10th, 2011 06:37 am
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Rioran commish by Shuangwen on dA. I love how he came out. Funny enough, I had a dream about him not too long ago. I think by far this is my most favorite commission of him I've recieved. Makes me wanna go work on Arcanus. Too bad I have edits to complete! ;_;

Edit: I want to commission her for Briae, Verinel, and Liari now. ;_;


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