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I initially drew her, but she came out so ugly I was ashamed. I then went back and fixed it.

Here's the original picture I drew of her. The differences are like WTF...and with only a 4 day difference.

So, a bit on her. Alexi is a Brovadi slave who was freed during the War of Restitution between the Evlusions and the Cadvad Empire. She was relocated to Tork, the Brovadia capital at the age of ten, to be counted and sorted out into an occupation. Alexei was taken in by a merchant's guild, and brought into its darker aspects of thievery and assassination. She becomes good at what she does, so good, she gains the name Revar, a legendary assassin one has only heard of or seen glimpses of.

In the beginning of the story, Torne meets Alexei when she picks his pocket. He secretly uses the spirits to find her, only to find she had been waiting for him. She tells him very little of herself, only that she wishes to get as far away from the city as possible. When he tells her where he is headed, she decides to travel with him.

Alexei has somewhat of a split-personality due to having to separate herself as an assassin and a person. As Revar, she comes across as smooth and sultry, even flirty. As herself, she's a bit more cheerful and earnest. She holds a strong hatred for Cadvadians and isn't much of a fan of the Evlusions, either. She does not speak of her time as a slave and even less about her life as an assassin. Not even those in her cell knew much about her, besides a love for disturbingly cute things. When I mean disturbingly cute, I mean things like this. Like all Brovadians, Alexei can utilize magic and can handle prolonged exposure to Elydim (a type of stone usually found in the Beneath).

Because of this exposure, the Brovadi have kept their unusual eyes and ability to see clearly in the dark. Before being liberated, the Brovadi initially had to take a suppliment which suppressed their abilities. If they didn't, the withdrawl symptoms would kill them without treatment. When they were liberated, the treatments were administered for free, although some allowed themselves to waste away and die, unsure of how to live in a free world.


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