Oct. 17th, 2011 05:09 am
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Stop it. Stop plotting shit you have no business plotting. You are not an ambitious motherfucker, you haven't been for 700 years. Cut it out. YOU ARE MAKING MY LIFE DIFFICULT.
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I tried to romance Merrill. I did. I figured, hell, I've already romanced Isabela and Anders(and I don't even LIKE Anders) so how hard could it be?

Srsly? I don't care what anyone says, she's the hardest one to (friend)romance. By beginning of Act 2, I can pretty much sex up just about anyone. I got so frustrated with all the rivalry points I was getting with her I just said 'fuck it' and romanced Fenris.

Fenris is easier to friendmance than Merrill. FENRIS.

So yes, I could have easily rivalmanced her, but I hate rivalmancing. You two just bitch at each other all the time and somehow there's love. I hate that. The story is terribly tragic enough without having moar angst lawl.

Well, now I'm pretty much ready to play the new DLC...even though Bioware's hyping of it and Redemption makes me hesitate greatly.

I saw the trailer for Redemption. I wept for the kossith race.

I know very little about Felicia Day...but the more I see of her, the less I like her.

Let us hope the DLC is worth it.


Sep. 29th, 2011 10:50 am
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So, I got a lot of plans ahead.

With time constraints and a lack of knowledge concerning how things are going to be once my husband gets out of the military, I've learned (perhaps a little too late) how I want to prioritize my writing. Not too many people have reviewed Destined, but those who have pretty much have said the same thing "I want to know more about these elves." Their culture, way of life, etc. Well, I plan on giving that to them.

Bound by Blood is the priority, mostly because as a novel, it will take longer to release anyway. Better to have it finished and put in for editing while the shorter stories are worked on after and released before the novel anyway.

Next will be the novella set before the events of Destined, chronicling the Kan'aar/Qui'vali war, although mostly it's the story of Rhiannon and Lavern. Beyond that, I plan on writing a bunch a shorts which hopefully Silver will publish, giving folks little bits here and there before the release of the second novel. Dunno if they'll accept all of them, since some aren't romance/adult, but we'll see.  

Fanfiction, wise, I'm mostly focusing on the DA kink meme fic, everything else is kind of secondary.

And now I have an eye appointment I have to get ready for. D:
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My dog is afraid of thunder. I think she believes if she barks at it hard enough, it'll go away.

Thank you for my heart attack, Amelia.

Oh yeah, have a progress comparison pic )


Sep. 14th, 2011 08:47 pm
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I initially drew her, but she came out so ugly I was ashamed. I then went back and fixed it.

Here's the original picture I drew of her. The differences are like WTF...and with only a 4 day difference.

So, a bit on her. Alexi is a Brovadi slave who was freed during the War of Restitution between the Evlusions and the Cadvad Empire. She was relocated to Tork, the Brovadia capital at the age of ten, to be counted and sorted out into an occupation. Alexei was taken in by a merchant's guild, and brought into its darker aspects of thievery and assassination. She becomes good at what she does, so good, she gains the name Revar, a legendary assassin one has only heard of or seen glimpses of.

In the beginning of the story, Torne meets Alexei when she picks his pocket. He secretly uses the spirits to find her, only to find she had been waiting for him. She tells him very little of herself, only that she wishes to get as far away from the city as possible. When he tells her where he is headed, she decides to travel with him.

Alexei has somewhat of a split-personality due to having to separate herself as an assassin and a person. As Revar, she comes across as smooth and sultry, even flirty. As herself, she's a bit more cheerful and earnest. She holds a strong hatred for Cadvadians and isn't much of a fan of the Evlusions, either. She does not speak of her time as a slave and even less about her life as an assassin. Not even those in her cell knew much about her, besides a love for disturbingly cute things. When I mean disturbingly cute, I mean things like this. Like all Brovadians, Alexei can utilize magic and can handle prolonged exposure to Elydim (a type of stone usually found in the Beneath).

Because of this exposure, the Brovadi have kept their unusual eyes and ability to see clearly in the dark. Before being liberated, the Brovadi initially had to take a suppliment which suppressed their abilities. If they didn't, the withdrawl symptoms would kill them without treatment. When they were liberated, the treatments were administered for free, although some allowed themselves to waste away and die, unsure of how to live in a free world.
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So, I was trying to think up something for that M/F/M story, and ended up coming up with a whole new fantasy world. Basically, my ass just needs to stick with fucking fantasy and quit trying to write something I'm not that great at. Yesterday, I drew one of the main characters.

Click for pix )
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So, I was going through some of my old sketches to see what I'd like to revamp/redo, and I ended up comparing these three pictures of Rioran I did.
1 link and 2 pics )
I love seeing real improvements in my art. ♥
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Rioran + Liari by *ichan-02 on deviantART

♥ I love Rioran and Liari together. He's such a grumpy one.
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Day 34 )

Now, if only I could master less stiff poses. *sigh*
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So, out of all the sketches, do you think I've made any improvement in the past month?

Days 27-33 )
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Anyone got any references or good sites I could go to concerning inventing languages? There are two in particular I wish to create for Arcanus. One is a language I had already invented a few words to, but never anything too concrete like sentence structure, particles, adjectives and what have you. The other is one I know how I want to sound, but I'm not sure how the whole 'invent a language' process works.

I've already looked up a few resources. From what I've read so far, the sources claim inventing a language isn't nearly as difficult as it appears, especially once you have the structure down. Some of it is fairly easy, and they recommend I actually learn to speak the language fluently. This sounds incredibly interesting to me, so I'd love to do it.

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I have to admit, having a tiny gnome in a helicopter bomb the shit out of me saying "Consider yourself spanked, nugget!" has been the hightlight of my day.

That's right, it doesn't take much to make me giggle.


Aug. 6th, 2011 08:48 pm
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So apparently, the new Spiderman will be bi-racial and fans aren't liking the new idea.

It seems that in this particular universe, Peter Parker bites it, and this new kid will be taking over. Cue fans screaming about how PC Marvel is trying to be, racist comments about "So, should we replace the Black Panther with a white guy?" and blah blah ect.

One person even made a comment about Spawn, which amuses me because there have been MANY Spawn's, and not all of them were black. He obviously has never read the Medieval Spawn/Witchblade miniseries.

I think one of the reasons I'm nonchalant/don't care is because I read a lot of Manga along with comics, and with Manga, a series eventually does have an ending. It might take a very long time in getting there, but eventually it does end. American comics don't do this. They milk a series forever, trying to keep coming up with new ideas. Sometimes new universes are created, new characters are introduced. Sometimes the characters die...and usually come back.

American comics don't really embrace change as much, and it's starting to hurt. People want fresh blood, but the old die-hards are kicking and screaming to keep everything as is, even if it's hurting Marvel's sales.

I don't see a problem in moving on with new characters for a series. X-Men has done it, Teen Titans has done it, the list goes on. Eventually, the hero needs to retire, and someone new needs to take their place. I think this keeps things fresh and flowing. That's not to say get rid of the hero forever, but obviously Marvel's current formula isn't working, so it's time to get something new going.

Nothing lasts forever. That's not always a bad thing.
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I'm trying to find 'my' style. Not sure if I'm getting there...

Days 1-5 )


Jul. 20th, 2011 08:39 pm
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Guys, I would burn the world in a nuclear fire do anything to be not too hot or not too cold. Is that too much to ask? To have a happy medium?

I've been doing daily sketches. 1 sketch every day for a year is my current challenge, and I've made it to day 10 so far. Would you like to see them here? Y/N? I'm still trying to find my 'style', I'm working on that shiz I swear!

Haven't been writing hardly at all. Muse is low, but I think I need the break...for reasons I won't go into here. The ideas are there...

I've decided to stop working on anthology potential submissions and just focus on my novel. I think my best work is when I sit down and really focus on long stories...

Okay, Hiro just had a screeching fit and we have no idea why. Time to go give the poor pooch some attention...


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